doug zuba and zuba design

hey kids, my name is doug zuba and I am a designer.  i was born in wyandotte, mi (basically detroit) in 1981.  growing up, I lived a block from a hobby shop that had every new arcade game and pinball machine that existed (nba jam, mortal kombat 1 and 2, smash t.v., twilight zone, addams family, get the idea).  along with that amazing coincidence, next door was a pizza place with an additional arcade and 3 blocks away was a comic book store...if you need to know anything relevant about me and how my design career was formed, i lived in these locations as a kid.  

during my senior year of high school i took my first art class and was introduced to commercial art which at the time was an early definition of graphic design.  i apparently did well enough with one year of art under my belt that i applied and got into the university of michigan.  in college i majored in product design until i realized that my passion was actually graphic design instead.  i graduated with a focus in both. my professional career began in 2003 where i basically "made it pop" for a few years in the graphic design universe. i met some great people over the beginning of my career and after working at various marketing companies through 2008 i felt i could work on my own and began working for myself and created, zuba creative, inc.

today, i am still living the dream working at something i consider my passion.  i am focused on creating a visual that focuses on themes i grew up with, mixing late 80's and early 90's style with a modern approach.  i love photoshop, i just want to get better today than yesterday and make art/design that your parents would be proud to put up on the fridge!  

i would love to hear from you if you would like to contact me and thanks for taking the time to have a look around!


born in detroit, creative for all!